Managing your image positively, honestly and cost-effectively

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A high profile attempt to recruit in an innovative manner

Positive, honest communication

All businesses need to be aware of the image they convey and the way in which that is positively or negatively influenced. We are passionate about developing and accentuating the strengths of your business and addressing the weaknesses. 

Swiss army knife

We see PR as the swiss army knife in the marketing toolbox, practical, multi-faceted and cost-effective. Every business needs to think how it relates to the public they interact with, either as direct consumers or the wider public.

We can all think of the disasters: the Starbucks boycott over their opaque tax arrangements; Ryanair leaving hundreds of thousands of passengers stranded in 2017; or Gerald Ratner famously referring to his own product range in less than flattering terms. But what about the positive examples that proliferate every day, including those we have worked directly on? Your local GP practice manning a freezing cold exhibition display for 5 days running to promote blood-pressure awareness; a start-up engineering business winning a Europe-wide innovation prize; a Domicillary Care provider trying an innovative approach to recruitment during the difficult Christmas season (pictured top); A legal practice initiating a focussed and targeted local campaign (pictured above).

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Targeted & results-driven


Some of the examples mentioned above are of course necessarily reactive; "events dear boy, events" as Macmillan may or may not have said.

However, by far the most beneficial approach is a proactive one, cohesively using PR to bind together and optimise the business strategy. This is the way we like to work and undoubtedly the most beneficial.