Working together to grow your business


As Businesses, initiating, developing and maintaining a profitable income stream is the biggest challenge we all face. 


Strategy planning

Working with the business owner (s) and senior personnel, we provide a thorough and objective analysis of your business and and develop a 3-5 year business plan.

Taking a step back from day to day and activity and considering the future is a luxury that many smaller businesses do not afford themselves.

We can facilitate this process and provide you with a firm platform to implement positive plans.

Venture Marketing

This is aimed squarely at those entrepreneurs who have only recently established, or are just establishing, their business  for the first time. We spend a half day with them, talking through their plans and aspirations,  understanding their market and objectively assessing the opportunity and possible pitfalls. Following this consultation, we summarise our thoughts and recommendations in a 2 page document for their consideration.

Working on your own and developing your unique idea can be tough; this service offers an objective and professional view on where you are and thoughts on where to head next. Priced at just £375